Konsep Desain Villa Gayatri Gangga

Konsep Desain untuk Kompleks Villa Gayatri Gangga di Yeh Gangga, Tabanan. Kompleks Villa ini terdiri dari 6 unit Villa diatas lahan seluas 3000 m2.

dari arsitek : Tabanan has its own beauty. The beaches, the culture, and the fields are the supporting elements to create a paradise residence area. Its culture and its tranquile ambience are the key point of creating an inspiring residence area and Yeh Gangga beach area is the perfect location to represent the beauty of Tabanan city.
In accordance with the architecture development, we create a masterpiece concept of luxurious villas area best ever in Bali; Gayatri Gangga. Gayatri Gangga design itself is an assimilation between a cultural value with a local wisdom.
Each unit of Gayatri Gangga Villa completed with a private pool deck, tropical garden, landscaping design, lighting system, and the most beautiful beach scenery.
It has 3 and 4 bedrooms with a fusion of Balinese and contemporary living style interior furnishing design. All facilities on each unit reveal the magnificient of Yeh Gangga beach.
Gayatri Gangga Will give you all the best Residence and the best investment in the middle of Symbol Paradise in the world, wich is has a good live, good people and good culture. Yeh Gangga beach as the support fantastic view, will bring us to know how wonderfull live that we can get in Bali.
Gayatri Gangga Has 6 LOT ( units ) of villa , 1 Beach Club 4 meters private access. Its design with high performance to get comfort design and beauty in harmony with environment.

Arsitek: Lumbung Architect
website: www.ArchBali.com

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